Cannabis Club TV streams marijuana videos to dispensaries


APRIL 20, 2018

Walking into a pot dispensary could be an entirely new experience for you.

But if you visit a place like Kannabis Works, located in Santa Ana, Calif., you’re bound to lock in on a familiar sight — televisions in the lobby.

What’s on Kannabis Works’ TVs is a bit different than what you might catch at your local pharmacy or doctor’s office. Instead of a random soap opera or daytime infomercial, it’s all pot-related video customized to the dispensary.

The video is brought together by Cannabis Club TV, or CCTV, a startup based in Santa Cruz, California. The company goes into a dispensary, sets it up with TVs and, using proprietary software, delivers channels with cannabis-related content that streams over the internet to customers watching while they wait.


What’s Next For Cannabis Branding


APR 13, 2018

Is it just a matter of time before we see a cannabis-infused reincarnation of the Marlboro man on point-of-sale displays in dispensaries?

“Absolutely not,” says Danny Keith, CEO/Founder of Cannabis Club TV.

“What most in the cannabis space are failing to grasp is that alcohol and tobacco are the controlling agents in respect to success of the cannabis industry. Alcohol controls the distribution parameters while tobacco influences marketing and branding. Exactly the reason you do not see Joe Camel anymore is why you will not see it in cannabis.”

Krista Whitley, CEO of Las Vegas-based Altitude Products, takes a similar stance.

“I’d rather not comment on the comparison between tobacco and cannabis, as one is poison and the other is healing medication.”


PODCAST: Danny Keith – CEO & CoFounder of Cannabis Club Tv


Episode 54 of the podcast welcomes in Danny Keith, CEO and CoFounder of Cannabis Club Tv, a company that is building digital footprints inside dispensaries.

Throughout the show, Danny talks with host Tim Strombel about a myriad of topics, including how Cannabis Club Tv chooses to curate their content, what’s the long-term vision for the company, and how Danny has seen California cannabis culture impacted by the newly passed recreational system.

Already big players inside of 350+ (and growing daily) dispensaries in the United States, Danny has big plans for Cannabis Club Tv and is certainly a company to follow here in the near future.

To learn more about Cannabis Club TV, or to check out their awesome content, visit www.CannabisClub.TV

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‘Every Brand Has an Amazing Story’ Says CCTV Founder


April 12, 2018

According to Danny Keith and Dana Knops at Cannabis Club TV (CCTV), every brand has a story to tell. It just needs a platform. In this case, their story started with basketball.

When the Golden State Warriors launched a minor league team in his hometown of Santa Cruz, CA, Danny was recruited to lead operations. He quickly innovated the fan experience by putting digital screens at the point of sale, growing awareness and driving traffic to the restaurants and small businesses inside the arena. Long term family friend Tommy Chong inspired him to put two and two together, and they saw the opportunity in cannabis.

An ambitious entrepreneur, TedX speaker and youth advocate, Danny describes himself as a “self-motivated stoner, one of the rare guys who can straddle the street and the boardroom at the same time.” His goal in founding CCTV is to change the narrative on cannabis, whether it’s recreational or medicinal. With over 115 screens in 7 states, they provide a platform where content providers, dispensaries, brands and consumers can all benefit…..


Cannabis Club TV and Mazakali enter into a strategic partnership – ushering in a new era for the business of buds



Jan 11, 2017, 11:13 ET


SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Jan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabis Club TV of Santa Cruz and Mazakali of San Francisco announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership.  With the help of Mazakali’s strategic, financial and business consulting services, the rapidly-growing groundbreaking digital network of Cannabis Club TV is keenly positioned to be the industry’s preeminent media outlet.

“Over the past year and half, our team has been focused on identifying unique opportunities and partnerships to solidify and expand our broadcasting footprint,” says Danny Keith, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cannabis Club TV. “I am very excited to add Mazakali’s reputation, skills and experience to bring immediate value to our growth strategy. As the legalized medical and recreational cannabis industry expands and transcends the bottleneck caused by prohibition, it becomes increasingly important for companies to create sophisticated and symbiotic business partnerships.  We look forward to integrating Mazakali’s connections and services to bring our cutting-edge technology to dispensary locations nationwide.”

“The unique set of challenges in the cannabis industry attracts highly creative and visionary entrepreneurs.  Mazakali was formed specifically to provide business support to these creative visions,” says Sumit Mehta, Founder and Partner at Mazakali.  “We are proud to be partnering with the incredible talent at Cannabis Club TV as they expand their footprint nationwide.  CCTV serves an important need by providing a distribution outlet at the point of purchase for original and third party content, helping dispensaries, customers, and manufacturers alike by driving sales, education and brand awareness.”

About Cannabis Club TV

Cannabis Club TV is the first broadcasting network devoted to the cannabis industry, certified by Tommy Chong- at dispensaries & on the internet.  The rapidly-growing network produces and publishes the latest cannabis-related news, entertainment and business content straight into dispensaries’ waiting rooms and sales floors across the nation while simultaneously helping to facilitate a marketing and branding reach for businesses like never before.  For more information visit or on Social Media at: on Facebook, @TVcannabisclub on Twitter and @cannabisclubtv on Instagram.

About Mazakali

Based in the Bay Area, Mazakali provides comprehensive consulting services to emerging and established entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Take your vision to the next level with the experienced Mazakali team.



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